• How can I pay for access?

Payment, can be done only via PayPal, everything is done automatically.
When you login in to your account, you can buy membership access by clicking "Payments" link.
After successful payment you will have access to our database.
• Is it safe to purchase a membership access?

Absolutely. All payments are processed via an SSL connection through PayPal which guarantees you that your payment information is safe.
• What happened if I buy following access during the time of first?

Remaining time to the end of first access will be sum up with new access period.
• What kind of account is it?

These accounts are designed only for end users (service centers).
For the other kinds of accounts (reseller, unlimited), please contact us.
• What I need to unpack the files and open?

WinRar or WinZip and to open service manuals you need Adobe Reader.
• Is there any limit to the number of downloads which can be made?

Yes. There is a limit. You can made up to 15 downloads for 24 hours.
• Is there any size limit of downloads?

No. There is no size limit.
• What is the download speed and is it guaranteed?

Our server is located at Tier3+ class data center. We use 1000 Mbps dedicated line. Also we use CDN network by CloudFlare (one of the world biggest CDN providers). However, we cannot guarantee download speed.

• Does the site support "resume download"?

No it does not.

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